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What should you know about commercial leases?

As a business owner, a commercial lease will rank as one of - if not the - top expenses in your business owning journey. Having that brick-and-mortar shop can give you a lot of benefits, but at the same time, walking into that first lease can bring a lot of stress as...

Taking steps to avoid a real estate contract dispute

When it comes to real estate contracts, you need to carefully go over the details of an agreement before you sign. These contracts often involve confusing details and terminology that people struggle to understand. Moreover, the consequences of legal issues involving...

How do residential and commercial leases differ?

Whether you lease the property to tenants or you play the role of a tenant, you likely heard the warning. Commercial and residential leases do not run parallel to each other. Protections for landlords of these property types also differ. While residential leases tend...


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