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Construction law and defects: Legal help for contractors

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2019 | Construction Law & Defects |

Defects that arise during and after construction result in many problems for all involved parties. When people hear about a construction defect, they often feel bad for the property owner, but general contractors also suffer when problems like this occur. Further, these contractors may find it more difficult to remedy the situation than property owners do.

We understand how easy it is for property owners to lay the blame for construction defects on the shoulders of the primary contractor, but it is not always their fault. Construction projects are quite complex and usually require more than one contractor to complete. In situations involving a general contractor and one or more subcontractors or designers, assigning liability may be a challenge.

If you are serving as the main contractor on a California building project and evidence of a defect arises, it is wise to begin defending yourself right away. Hopefully, you already have an attorney experienced in construction law and defects on your team. If you do not, consider scheduling a consultation immediately. Together, you and your lawyer can sort out the facts, investigate the defect and find a solution that benefits all parties.

For example, say that a property owner hired you to take charge of the construction of a new home designed by another party. You and your team complete the project according to design specifications. A week later, water begins to intrude into the home leading to significant structural damage. As you might expect, the owner naturally blames you for the problem when it was the structure’s design that caused the defect.

With proper legal guidance, you can find the right way to defend yourself and your reputation if defects occur. We encourage you to continue reading our website if you wish to learn more about construction law and defects as well as how to protect your business.


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