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Efficient And Effective Business Litigation

BDG Law Group‘s business is helping you preserve yours by being the right litigator for your business. Our firm is sensitive to the impact that business litigation can have on both the prosperity and reputation of your business. Our firm works closely with you to develop an individualized litigation strategy that is responsive to your short-term and long-term goals. We carefully take stock of all the factors that can influence your decision whether to pursue alternative dispute resolution methods and then carefully explore all options for resolution in order to avoid a drain on your business’ financial and personnel resources and meticulously ensure that every litigation angle is covered.

Contact our offices today for a free consultation with one of our experienced lawyers. Resolving business matters through litigation can be complex. Our attorneys are committed to helping our clients save time and money with our efficient and personalized strategies. It is our goal to protect your business interests.

Business Litigation Designed To Meet Your Needs (Including Preventative Risk Analysis And Insurance Coverage)

  • Our firm recognizes that the best defense is a good offense. We understand that your business needs guidance beyond litigation and will help you identify, refine, and resolve internal practices and business policies that could lead, or already have led, to costly litigation. As a registered provider of continuing legal education, BDG Law Group has developed, and is poised to present, lectures at your facilities on important legal issues that affect the way you do business.
  • BDG Law Group‘s business litigators work together with our insurance coverage counsel to explore and determine early in the litigation process whether there is a policy that provides coverage for the issues being litigated. When we identify potential coverage, we help your business aggressively pursue its rights under the policy to obtain the protection, security and reimbursement to which you are entitled.
  • BDG Law Group has cultivated an intimate knowledge of various administrative agencies and their particularized rules and procedures. Our attorneys are skilled at navigating through the administrative process and posturing your case in a way that anticipates and readies the matter for a transition to the court system at a later date.
  • By keeping you actively informed and involved at all stages of litigation, and by utilizing a team approach within our firm, BDG Law Group is often effective at avoiding trial altogether through favorable settlements or prevailing on dispositive motions, such as summary judgment proceedings.
  • BDG Law Group has 35 years of experience in successfully representing clients in civil appeals and writ proceedings. Before engaging in any appellate proceeding, we carefully weigh the likelihood of success as well as the pros and cons of pursuing appellate relief. We are mindful of the fact that the outcome of the appeal, especially if the decision is published, can have implications for our clients who engage in intra- or interstate commercial activities.

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