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Provide For Your Future With Effective Estate Planning

At the BDG Law Group, our skilled attorneys are committed to assisting our clients in protecting their families’ interests through proactive estate planning. By choosing to plan ahead, our clients are able to assist in transferring wealth and real estate assets to the next generation efficiently while simultaneously reducing the expenses and taxes involved. Our firm counsels individuals and families, as well as fiduciaries and businesses that require planning for the transfer of ownership interests. Clients with estates of any value can benefit from our services.

No family has the same estate plan, and that is why our lawyers create a custom estate plan for each and every one of our clients that matches the unique needs of their circumstances. You can connect with our Southern California-based law firm if you would like to schedule a free consultation. Our attorneys arestaff is ready to answer any questions you may have.

Customized Estate Planning Services

Due to differences in the laws between states, the strategies we employ for our clients will be tailored to comply with California and federal laws. We monitor all changes in California and federal laws and ensure that our clients’ estate plans are drafted to match these changes while still accomplishing our clients’ goals. We use many tools at our disposal to meet our clients’ objectives, including:

Essential estate plan documents:

  • Last will and testament to carry out your wishes
  • Durable powers of attorney to manage your assets if you are unable to
  • Advance health care directives to manage your health care
  • Revocable living trusts to manage assets
  • Irrevocable trusts to hold assets outside of your estate
  • Gifting strategy and compliance

Advanced estate planning:

  • Charitable trusts and bequests
  • Testamentary trusts contained in your last will and testament
  • Home ownership trusts
  • Life insurance beneficiary trusts
  • Private annuity trusts

Estate plan strategies:

  • Estate asset value freezing
  • Business asset value discounting
  • Retirement fund planning

Our estate planning attorneys are skilled at managing all elements of the estate administration and trust management process, along with integrating advanced tax planning and estate contingency planning to avoid unanticipated issues.

Estate Administration And Estate-Related Disputes

Our clients also retain ours services to assist with estate administration and probate, including resolution of probate and trust disputes, as well as managing guardianships and establishing conservatorships. We counsel both individual and corporate fiduciaries on their obligations. Our attorneys are also capable of assisting executors and other clients who are dealing with the Internal Revenue Service in audits, litigation and other estate matters.

Connect With Us For Seasoned Counsel

Aiding our clients with estate planning needs is one of the primary goals of our firm. You may schedule an initial consultation with an attorney at our office by completing our online form or by dialing 310-470-6110.