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Fake slip-and-fall claims costly to companies

Business owners, unfortunately, can find themselves the target of unscrupulous customers and even employees who fake a slip-and-fall in order to make a claim and cash out. It's actually fairly easy for someone to fake a fall and injuries — especially if this is...

Why do construction projects run behind schedule?

A construction project that runs behind schedule -- something that tends to happen fairly often -- can become problematic. It can even lead to a loss of revenue.For instance, perhaps the building is intended to be a storefront. The owner wants to open in the summer to...

Mergers: Know what they are and how they work

As you may know, businesses are regulated by state and federal law. To make sure your business is doing everything by the books, it's a good idea to talk to your attorney and go over your business plan, taxation schedule, employment practices and other aspects of your...


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