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Proven Counsel In Eminent Domain Cases

Eminent domain procedures and laws are complex. They require the skills of an experienced attorney. At BDG Law Group, we have the experience necessary to help our clients navigate the eminent domain process in an efficient and productive manner.

If you are facing a legal issue involving eminent domain, contact our Southern California offices to arrange a free consultation. Our attorneys provide superior advocacy to guide clients through every aspect of their case. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer any questions you may have.

How We Can Help

At BDG Law Group, our attorneys provide personalized and effective service for any eminent domain concerns. At our firm, teamwork is key. We work closely with our clients to meet their objectives and protect their rights throughout the entire process.

Eminent domain issues require extensive negotiation and legal knowledge. We take pride in offering such skill to all of our clients in all of the following situations:

Full Taking Of Property.

BDG Law Group has successfully managed many full takes. We represent a variety of entities, including counties or cities, to obtain land for public use and benefit.

Our attorneys have experience working with government agencies on full takes and partial takes. We negotiate on our clients’ behalf to obtain the best possible outcome available.

Partial Taking Of Property.

We can help with easements of above-ground or subsurface property. Our experience also extends to acquisitions of land for sewer systems or electric lines.

Goodwill And Right To Take Challenges.

We have extensive experience taking on complicated and time-sensitive objections property owners may have to eminent domain.

Our attorneys have also managed to challenge goodwill claims of displaced businesses if they do not follow proper procedure.

Obtaining Offsets.

The lawyers of BDG Law Group can help negotiate lower prices for eminent domain claims if there is existing environmental contamination or damage to the property.

Condemnation Issues.

BDG Law Group‘s eminent domain practice also includes all aspects of condemnation law, including:

  • Pre-condemnation planning
  • Supporting the administrative condemnation process
  • Litigating both condemnation and inverse condemnation actions

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