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Dependable Representation For Complex Litigation Cases

Complex litigation has long been considered one of the most difficult types of litigation to defend. The challenges presented in litigating these cases require extraordinary management, skill, attention and perseverance. Certain cases, such as class actions, environmental and toxic torts, and mass torts are automatically designated “provisionally complex.”

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How We Can Help

BDG Law Group attorneys are readily familiar with the specialized laws and rules that apply to complex and class action litigation, and are equipped to handle the demands of early and extensive judicial involvement. We take a proactive approach in developing the case management order with the judge and suggest provisions that are calculated to assist in positioning our clients’ defense.

We have extensive experience with an array of experts in all types of complex litigation. We effectively coordinate the experts to work together as part of the trial team and combine their efforts to best serve our clients. We assist our experts in preparing their budgets and identify their scope of work.

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