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At BDG Law Group, we provide clients with comprehensive assistance on all construction matters. Our attorneys have over 35 years of diverse legal and real-world experience to give our clients the edge they need for success.

We handle everything from contract disputes to construction defect claims, as well as foreclosure actions and liability claims. No matter the construction issue, we can help. Contact our firm today to arrange a free consultation and discuss your concerns. We provide proactive and efficient services for all of our clients.

The R.I.S.C. Methodology

In our years of service, we have successfully handled more than 500 public works construction disputes. Our attorneys have experience managing multimillion-dollar cases for both plaintiffs and defendants. We are also the only law firm in California to represent the two largest education construction programs in the nation.

No matter the case, we are committed to success. We achieve such success through our R.I.S.C. methodology. R.I.S.C. stands for:

  • Researching options and identifying possible benefits
  • Investigating property information and risks
  • Selecting the best course of action
  • Contract negotiations and drafting

This approach allows us to help construction programs plan effectively, secure fair contracts, minimize risk and resolve disputes.

How We Can Assist You

At our firm, we help public works and private construction project owners through any legal matter, including:

Drafting Construction Documents And Contracts

Obtaining the proper documents and contracts is essential to construction work. Public works projects and private companies can face serious legal troubles if they do not. At BDG Law Group, we provide comprehensive service to ensure that you have the correct documents and legal contracts before you move forward with your project.

Dismissing Lawsuits

BDG Law Group has had extensive success dismissing lawsuits before clients have to respond. These lawsuits often relate to disputes between contractors or residential or commercial construction defects involving mold, structural failure and landscaping issues.

In these situations, we write strongly worded demand letters that contain well-reasoned arguments explaining why a complaint is without merit. Through our skilled prelitigation claim management, we help clients dismiss lawsuits before a responsive pleading is due.

Resolving Cases Early Through Mediation

We have resolved hundreds of construction matters, both private and public, by getting the other side to participate in an early mediation. At mediation, we strategically gain leverage to obtain economically favorable settlements for our clients.

Early resolution through mediation frequently saves clients time and money in potential attorney fees and costs.

Obtaining Stipulated Judgments And Avoiding Trial

Our lawyers often obtain stipulated judgments against defendant contractors that wish to avoid trial. We have negotiated such settlements in areas as diverse as:

  • Freeway projects
  • Other public works projects
  • U.S. Navy housing projects
  • High school projects
  • Museum projects

These types of settlements may include upfront amounts, payment schedules and an executed stipulated fraud judgment held in trust to be filed in the event of nonpayment.

Representing Earthquake Repairs And Insurance Litigation

We represented several general contractors that were actively engaged in the repair of structures damaged in the 1994 earthquake, including multiunit residential and government-owned buildings.

We reached an $8 million settlement during an informal mediation on behalf of one of these general contractors.

Hearings And Public Contract Code Penalties

BDG Law Group successfully represents public entity owners and general contractors in administrative hearings regarding issues such as:

  • Bid protests
  • Substitution of listed subcontractors
  • Contractor licensing
  • Assignment of subcontracts
  • Prevailing wage violations
  • Penalties for alleged statutory violations of the Public Contract Code, the Labor Code and the Business and Professions Code

Our vast experience on behalf of clients on both sides of these issues makes us extremely effective.

Wage Issues

We have extensive experience representing public entities and private contractors in disputes arising under the California Labor Code‘s provisions governing the payment of prevailing wages on public works construction projects.

Our experience includes assisting public entity labor compliance officers in:

  • Their investigation of Labor Code compliance
  • The determination, recovery and disbursement of back wages and statutory penalties
  • The representation of public entities in review hearings before the Department of Industrial Relations and writ proceedings at the trial and appellate court levels

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