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Preparing for litigation

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2021 | Business Litigation |

If your company is facing a lawsuit, tensions are probably high. One of the best ways to improve the chances that the verdict will sway in your benefit is to prepare.

Although it may take time and money, it is important that all relevant parties understand what to expect and to do what is necessary to succeed.

Basic considerations for preparation

According to FindLaw, all involved team members must take the lawsuit seriously, even if it seems ridiculous. It is also crucial to be open and honest with the attorney, as the more information he or she has, the better your defense will be. Everyone should also take the time necessary to meet with the attorney to discuss the case, prepare for dispositions, prepare for discovery and prep for trial. The attorney knows what to expect during court hearings, so listen to his or her advice.

Oftentimes, it is shocking to hear the amount the other party is asking for. However, even with a win, it is rare that the judge will award the total amount in damages. You should also prepare for the lawsuit to drag out over years. During this time, day-to-day operations should continue as normal.

Jury preparation

If the case is going up against a jury, the American Bar Association discusses that your legal team may benefit by searching for social media activity of the potential jurors and their families and friends. This is one way to see if there is any activity that involves the juror’s bias against your company or in support of the suing party.

Your attorney can use any information found to support a for-cause challenge to remove that juror.


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