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How to strengthen your case in a property line dispute

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2022 | Real Estate |

A California property line dispute has the potential to cause lasting damage to relationships between neighbors. Yet, these disputes are not uncommon, and this is likely due in part to the fact that property lines are invisible, leading to conflicts over where boundaries truly are.

According to Rocket Mortgage, property line disputes fall into several different categories. For example, encroachment occurs when one neighbor believes another is using his or her property or space without merit. Trespassing disputes arise when one neighbor believes another is knowingly using land that does not belong to him or her. Regardless of the type of boundary dispute you face, taking the following steps may help strengthen your case.

Perform a title search

If you have tried talking to your neighbors and working things out on your own to no avail, your next step might involve conducting a title search. This involves researching public records to better determine who, in fact, owns the property in question. A title company typically performs this type of search for a fee and then supplies you with its findings.

Enlist the aid of a land surveyor

Hiring a land surveyor should give you a better sense of where one property ends and the next one begins. A land surveyor relies on special technological equipment to determine where boundaries are and what belongs to whom. Typically, whoever asks for the land survey is responsible for financing it, but this is a good, effective way to put an end to boundary disputes once and for all.

When possible, try to work out your issues with your neighbor on your own. If this fails to produce the results you want, you may need to take additional steps to settle things.


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