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2 common reasons for business disputes or litigation

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2022 | Business Litigation |

Every business faces unique challenges, but there remain common problem areas across the board. Understanding frequently seen reasons that businesses face legal trouble helps business owners plan for avoiding these issues.

While not an exhaustive list, the following includes some of the most common reasons for business litigation.

1. Employment litigation

While they may not seem serious at first, issues or conflicts with employees may lead to serious legal cases. Employment litigation happens when an employee sues their employer. Common reasons for this include discrimination or harassment in the workplace.

Creating a safe environment and working to prevent common issues can help businesses protect themselves. Employers should prioritize upholding their employee’s legal rights.

2. Contract breaches

For most businesses, contract creation remains a regular occurrence. Unfortunately, a breach of contract by any involved party may lead to legal issues. If any person or entity involved in a contract fails to keep their end of the deal, the other party might consider suing.

Keep in mind that an improperly written contract may increase the likelihood of breach of contract cases. Businesses should take all contracts seriously and follow all associated laws as much as possible. If the business finds itself in a difficult situation because the other party broke a contractual agreement, legal action may help minimize the damage caused.

Avoiding business litigation

Businesses may reduce their chances of legal issues by staying up to date on laws and regulations. However, sometimes unfortunate situations happen regardless of how well a business runs. In these cases, taking legal action remains necessary for a business to protect itself.


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