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Troubleshooting And Resolving Probate And Trust Disputes

Disputes commonly arise during the probate or trust administration process. Arguments develop over large assets or family businesses, especially when there is family infighting. Beneficiaries fight with each other or with the trustee over the distribution of trust assets. These conflicts can be complex and tension-filled.

If you are currently involved in a probate or trust administration dispute, then you can contact our Southern California law offices for efficient and personalized representation. We have attorneys on hand who can answer your questions.

At the BDG Law Group, our skilled and knowledgeable lawyers have a reputation for effectively resolving trust and probate administration disputes using out-of-court resolutions that minimize the financial costs for our clients and expedite the resolution by avoiding unnecessary litigation. However, if litigation is necessary, our attorneys have the tenacity and experience to zealously advocate for our clients and pursue their interests. We can assist in both traditional litigation as well as alternative dispute resolution venues.

Putting Our Clients First

In probate and trust litigation matters, our attorneys have represented trustees, fiduciaries and beneficiaries, such as:

  • Personal representatives (executors/administrators)
  • Individual trustees
  • Banks and corporate trustees
  • Individuals and families with significant assets
  • Forgotten and excluded heirs
  • Nonprofit organizations

Our attorneys have assisted renowned CEOs and entrepreneurs as clients because we have earned their trust with our dedicated service and efforts to protect their privacy and financial details.

Broad Legal Background To Protect Your Interests

At BDG Law Group, our attorneys have a deep pool of knowledge in probate and trust disputes along with several decades of combined experience in estate litigation and strategy. We leverage this to provide our clients with effective and efficient advocacy that is responsive to their needs and meets their goals. Using the skills and experience of our attorneys, we can advise on unique interactions of law that arise in estate litigation, including corporate, environmental, real estate and tax considerations. Our attorneys can represent our clients in any probate or civil concern, and we are equipped to appeal cases beyond the initial determination if necessary.

We have represented clients in many scenarios, including:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty and duties of loyalty
  • Claims of undue influence, lack of capacity and elder abuse
  • Challenging heirs under the will or trust
  • Contesting the accounting of assets in an estate or trust
  • Contesting the validity of a will or trust
  • Creditor disputes
  • Challenging durable powers of attorney
  • Disputes between beneficiaries
  • Establishing guardianships and conservatorships
  • Modification of wills and trusts
  • Questioning fraudulent transfers

Our attorneys work hard to establish a collaborative relationship with our clients to better assist them in avoiding legal pitfalls and settling their disputes amicably. We find that this method provides our clients with a more positive experience and allows for more efficient representation.

Probate and trust litigation requires a seasoned advocate who has deep experience with and knowledge of the issues involved and the optimal strategies to resolve them. At BDG Law Group, our team of skilled attorneys can assist you. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of advocacy, including exercising discretion in these private and emotionally charged matters.

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