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Reducing the risk of employee-involved business litigation

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2019 | Business Litigation |

Throughout your time as a business owner and operator in Los Angeles, you will no doubt face many unexpected hurdles. Your experience running a business will play a vital role in how you face these hurdles and ultimately overcome them. Some of them you can avoid altogether with careful planning and by maintaining consistency in your operations.

One business-related wild card that is often difficult or impossible to predict is your staff. Some employees go out of their way to provide excellent quality services for you and your business. Others, however, may react unexpectedly to events that seem minor to you. For example, if your employees feel they are suffering from discrimination at work, you may find yourself facing unexpected business litigation.

Our attorneys want you to know that you can reduce the risk of this particular example of employee-initiated business litigation. We offer the following three tips for you to consider.

  • Develop, circulate and enforce policies detailing equal treatment for all workers
  • Routinely review and update your operational practices to remain compliant with California labor laws
  • Develop and implement training plans for workers and management to help them avoid unintentional policy violations

A fourth option that can offer you a great amount of ongoing protection is to partner with a reputable law firm. This can help you avoid litigation in many cases, and it also gives you an advocate to assist you if litigation does arise. Because you have already developed a relationship, your lawyer will already know how to create a strategy to keep you in business.

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