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How can you prevent a cyber attack on your company?

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2021 | Business Litigation |

If your company stores clients’ or employees’ personal or financial information, you may be at risk of a cyber-attack. If cybercriminals target your business, your company becomes liable for any damages due to the attack.

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, cyber attack prevention begins with vigilance.

Put limits on your employees

Do not allow your employees to access more files or data than he or she needs to for work. Employees can be one of the top security threats. When an employee leaves, delete passwords, accounts and change ID badges to ensure that the former employee does not have access.

Secure your networks

One of the easiest ways into your system’s network is through the wireless system. If you have guest Wi-Fi or customer Wi-Fi, you should have a separate network for them and another for your business. You do not want guests or customers finding a way into your business’s network and files.

To keep your wireless network secure, change the passwords regularly and keep the wireless access point from broadcasting its SSID. In addition, set your router to Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 and use the Advanced Encryption Standard.

Patch your software

You should upgrade your software and apps regularly. New software can have open doors to cyber attacks. If you ignore patches and regular updates, your computer system may be vulnerable to attack. Keep in mind that if you have outdated or unsupported products, there may be no new updates. Generally, every new update has more security features than before.

When it comes to cyber security, train your employees to know how to protect data.


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