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How can you prevent future litigation by protecting your company’s data?

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2022 | Business Litigation |

Nowadays, most businesses store vital information on their computer system. Generally, the use of networks and cloud-based technologies benefits companies. It allows the business to operate more efficiently. However, if your company stores private client and employee information, you are liable if unauthorized people access or steal the data.

For instance, if a cyberattack results in the loss of employee social security numbers and someone faces identity theft, he or she could file a lawsuit against your company.

According to the SBA, you have to increase your company’s cybersecurity.

How can you secure sensitive information?

All of your networks require safeguards. Encrypt your information and use a firewall. Hide all critical Wi-Fi networks and keep a second network for guests. Work with different banks or card processors for up-to-date and valid anti-fraud services. All business computers should stay locked up when unattended and all employees should have strong passwords.

Always back up all data on the computers. Try to back up all information every week.

How can you fight against common threats?

Common threats include malware, ransomware, viruses and phishing scams. To prevent phishing scams and malware attacks, train your employees on how to prevent them. Many cyberattacks begin with an employee unwittingly opening an email and clicking an infected link. Normally, the link opens up a log-in page that looks similar to a legitimate page. When the employee inputs the log-in information, the page saves it.

Teach employees the importance of strong passwords and train them to spot suspicious emails. Only authorized IT people should access your network and other secure passwords.


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