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How can you avoid business disputes?

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2023 | Business Litigation |

When partnering with other businesses, you may hope the relationship continues running smoothly. Unfortunately, disputes can happen when companies work together and in some cases, it can damage a company’s reputation or cause a business to lose money.

For your business to keep its head above water, it must understand business dispute avoidance.

Clear contracts

There are over 33,000,000 small businesses in the U.S. and to operate seamlessly, all of them need to ensure that they have clear and detailed contracts when dealing with other companies and when hiring employees. All agreements should have precise details and outline expectations, responsibilities, dispute resolution mechanisms and payment terms. The court may throw it out if you do not have a legal contract.


When working with a business, clients or other professionals, you need transparent communication. Misunderstandings can cause serious conflict and result in fighting between companies. Encourage clear communication and address all concerns quickly. If you can, try to keep records of all interactions.

Employee training

If you have employees, they need to understand the company’s policies, ethics and conflict resolution procedures. You should have a process set aside for addressing disputes internally.  Encourage all employees to resolve issues internally, but make sure that you have openings available for external intervention.

To avoid any future conflicts with business partners or your employees, document all communication and keep a record of your agreements. Likewise, if you have a relationship where one party does not make good on his or her side of the deal, record for the sake of business dispute resolution.


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